Sleepless In Seattle

Attempted mass murder...or something worse?

In which Rory goes batshit insane

  • Meeting with Persephone to set up post-cog viewing window
  • Persephone curious about Kyle and sin-eaters, agrees to track mystery man
  • Follows the post-cog vision into an alley, into undercity
  • Guy went into Dark Surgeon’s place, viewing ceases
  • Persephone creates photo-realistic drawing of blonde dude with scar over right eye
  • Scanned image through police records; no hits
  • Sister Grimm’s shop boarded up
  • Kyle distant and mysterious, Sanguine busy doing her thing
  • Police call; two invaders at elementary school and high school (Jodie and Talon respectively)
  • Jodie successfully defended her students from agitated gunman
  • Talon “took care of” his attacker
  • Michael got threatened by another babbling thug with a bat; shot him
  • Rory follows up with Jodie’s victim at hospital but he’s knocked unconscious
  • Sanguine calls Jasper, someone attacked her as well
  • Erik got attacked too
  • Rory got attacked, took some serious gun hits but managed to kill his attacker
  • Jasper called and warned Fang but no one attacked her
  • Rory got medical treatment (so stupid)
  • Anthony picked Rory up, healed him. He was not attacked.
  • Anthony called a Mage’s Council meeting. Rory and Jodie there to testify; Jasper there to spectate
  • Kaiyoko busts in, throws down a severed head, says she was attacked by Awakened magic-controlled dude. She had a witch-powered antimagic bracelet.
  • Anthony tells us none of the other attackers were Awakened magic
  • Speculation amongst PCs; Echo behind everything? Plausible but not likely.
  • Further speculation; not really attempted murder? Important note that the only human target (Michael) was not attacked by a gunman but just a guy with a bat. Implies orchestrator knew our capabilities and didn’t want to actually kill any (or at least not most) of us.
  • Council orders mages to track down Sister Grimm and either kill or kick her out of town
  • Went back to boarded up shop
  • Rory tried to levitate to the roof; got whacked with paradox and went temporarily schizophrenic
  • Rory hallucinated climbing down a chimney, which was odd since there was an actual chimney on the roof that I wasn’t in
  • Despite Rory’s insanity, Jasper and Juliette made it up to the roof
  • Jasper climbed down chimney. Tried to get through boards at bottom, but one of his spells went havok and turned the board into spontaneously combusting metal, setting him on fire
  • Rory tried to help but semi-accidentally iced the interior of the chimney
  • Chimney looked like it might collapse, but didn’t
  • Juliette took the less ninja route and bashed the front door down
  • Found an Abyssal rune on the wall; otherwise shop was empty
    Secret scene between Juliette and GM
  • Through 1337 hax and plain ol’ detectiving, identified past owner of shop as Theresa Godfrey and her daughter, Elizabeth Godfrey, as Sister Grimm. Got a home address for Elizabeth through her drivers’ license registration.
  • Went to her apartment, explained situation to her. She agreed to leave town although she wasn’t too happy.
  • She explained that the magic bracelet she had given to Kaiyoko had the caveat that it would kill her if she did anything too aggressively violent, so Kaiyoko has been acting rationally given her perspective
  • She cast a witch spell on us to block mind control against us in regards to our knowledge of her
    Juliette and Sister Grimm have a secret chat. Rory deduced it was about Michael but didn’t pry.
  • We go back to Roxanne’s and OH SHIT Jonah is back!
    End session



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