Sleepless In Seattle


oh god why

  • Picked up where we left off in Kyle’s Basement
  • Rory wants to go to investigate his father’s grave. Jasper wants to dig up Rory’s father’s casket, Rory refuses to let him. Jasper tries to follow him, Rory has to disable his headlights to get him to give up.
  • Rory goes to the graveyard with Raven.
  • She determines that:
    • There was no body in the grave
    • The ashes had once been in that grave
    • His body had been cremated about 10 years ago, 3 years after he had been buried.
  • Jasper gets his dad to email him his grandfather’s will; nothing interesting found in it.
  • Jasper tries to investigate the bow, but his magic doesn’t give him any useful info.
  • Juliette and Jasper sleep and have dreams, Rory doesn’t sleep
    • Bliss and happiness in white space
    • Falling, fire, pain, feeling of loss
  • Juliette investigates the amulet. Feels a sense of well-being, protection. Maybe sentient? Trying to talk to it, but no response. Suddenly, amulet gives magic armor.
  • Guy in police drunk tank wants to talk to Rory
  • Introduces himself as Andrew Angston, says he has a message from the Dark Surgeon
  • Aura is human, but pale
  • Kidnapped by the Surgeon
  • Woke up in cage with an incision on his chest
  • Led out of the Undercity by one of the Surgeon’s children
  • Gives Rory an envelope, sealed
  • Letter address to “Rory and compatriots”. Thanks us for “introducing him to his new ally”.
  • Giving Rory a gift
  • Creepy girl shows up in the room
  • Rory Life scans guy, finds something bad
  • Guy screams, and something rips its way out of his chest
  • Some sort of muscle thing connected to his intestines, with metal blade over its right arm
  • Metal blade hits Rory a couple times; in addition to damage, immense pain
  • Rory manages to kill it with his handgun
  • It explodes, spraying acid bile
  • Rory kicks girl in the face
  • She laughs, seems to enjoy it
  • Rory kicks her again; lose Wisdom, gain derangement.
  • She disappears
  • Meanwhile, Sanguine comes back
  • Jasper asks her about bow and Anthony; she confirms that he’s probably sufficiently connected to the angelic realm
  • Rory calls Anthony, who calls Nero. They portal in.
  • Rory goes through portal. Showers and changes clothes in Roxanne’s. Returns to police station, uses invisibility and stealth to get out.
  • Ted investigated and werewolves have disappeared from other clans
  • Juliette calls Sister Grimm, going to use her to track kidnapped werewolves
  • Secret note passing between Jasper and GM
  • Publicly, Sanguine confirmed that we three were additional anchors
  • If we were to die, she’d have to find a new one. Inconvenient but not permanent.
    Better ways to banish her, via us.
  • Underworld is dead souls clinging to life: Hell is souls which were corrupted by demons.
    • Souls become more demons, collect more souls. Pyramid scheme.
  • Meeting at Fortress of Science. Sanguine attends.
  • Decide our priority is killing Abyss pits
  • Call Anthony, he’s been talking to Kyle about doing just that
  • Looking through Kyle’s grandma’s journals
  • Sister Grimm and Juliette get hair samples from werewolf hairbrushes
  • Juliette talks to Chelsea. Thinks Talon blames the mages for his mom’s death.
  • Juliette goes to Sister Grimm’s house. Cat familiar. Mix wolf hair and Grimm’s hair in cauldron. Trace all wolves to single location in the Undercity. Decide to intervene without mage backup.
  • Rory assists Anthony and Kyle in rune identification
  • Fight breaks out in main floor of Roxanne’s
  • Erik and Talon fighting
  • Anthony breaks it up
  • I ask Erik, he says Talon was drunk and wanted to find Jonah
  • I call Jonah, let him talk to Erik. Warn Jonah about Talon’s grudge.
  • Jonah goes back to school in 2 days, not sure what to do
  • Insufficient data for rune analysis. Need to talk to Kyle’s grandma directly via the Underworld.

Next time, two half-sessions. Mages go into Underworld. Juliette stays, runs werewolf rescue, and tries to stop Talon from killing Jonah (or vice-versa).



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