Erik Joplin


Erik Joplin is a young werewolf in the Blood Talon pack of Seattle. His first change occurred when he was 13 years old and ended with him almost killing his older brother. In shame, he ran away from his home in Olympia and moved to Seattle where he lived on the streets for almost a year before being found by the Blood Talons. Erik has a good heart and believes that they are really making a difference in keeping the city safe. Currently most of his time is occupied with Jonah Williams whom he helped save from one of his own pack after Jonah accidentally spilled his drink. The werewolf, Jaime Lossing, threatened to strike Jonah but Erik intervened. Later the two of them fought over the argument in an official duel. Erik won forcing Jaime to drop the contention and leave “Erik’s pet mage” alone. The sexual tension between the two has blossomed into a loving relationship.

Erik is a large young man standing at almost 6’3" and easily over 200 pounds. His golden-blonde hair is cut short and compliments his baby blues.

Erik was one of the targets of the coordinated attacks; he incapacitated his attacker and turned him over to the police without killing him.

Talon got into a fight with Erik when Talon wanted to know where Jonah was and Erik wouldn’t say. Neither one was significantly damaged by the fight, and Anthony broke it up before it went too far.

Erik Joplin

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