Jonah Williams


Jonah Williams is a young mage whose unusual awakening has given him great power. Soon after awakening, he was taken in as the Hierarch’s aprentice to learn more about his magic and began working at Roxanne’s where he met the werewolf Erik Joplin. The two soon began dating despite their respective community’s reservations about a relationship between two different supernatural entities.

After losing his powers in a fight with the archangel Lauriel, Jonah was taken bythe dark surgeon where he was tortured for about a week and a half. When the Dark Surgeon realized he wasn’t going to get what he wanted, he cut off Jonah’s hands and gave him back to the mages. This experience has left Jonah in a state of serious shock and he has been having flashbacks. After learning of the Dark Surgeon’s Bargain with a Geist, Jonah opened a portal to the underworld to get some tutelage from the Red Queen.

Jonah came back. He seems to be in a lot better place mentally, and has a greater degree of control over his immense powers.

Jonah helped Anthony and Rory summon an angel: he provided most of the raw magical power.

Jonah was assigned as Juliette’s keeper for the trip to Salem to keep her from running.

Our hypothesis that Jonah was the Red Queen’s psychic time baby was false. Jonah and the Red Queen, when they met, felt no special connection. It could well be that there is another Jonah-level power running around somewhere.

Talon blames Jonah, and mages in general, forhis mom’s death.

Jonah Williams

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