As the vampiric Prince in Seattle, she has bribed, murdered, blackmailed, and sweet talked her way to the top and, with her seneschal Micahel, she maintains an iron-clad order within her domain. Order that is aided by her recent… night-time activities with the former Hierarch Anthonry Castello.

Though seemingly unimposing, Kaiyoko demands respect with her posture and confidence and to be around Kaiyoko is to feel like a mouse trapped in a cage with a cat.

Kaiyoko is in possession of a bracelet made by Sister Grimm which protects her from all Awakened magic, but which will kill her if she acts unnecessarily aggressive while wearing it.

Kaiyoko was targeted by a babbling gunman; however, her attacker was warded off by her anti-mage bracelet, and she detected Awakened mind control on him. None of the other attackers had any magical traces, according to Anthony. This could suggest her attack was arranged by a different mastermind that the other attacks.

Regardless, she was furious that a mage would attempt to assassinate her, and confronted the Mage Council with a declaration of war.


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