Kyle Winthrop


A young Kyle Winthrop happened upon some old journals left by his grandmother when he was only 8 years old. These journals depicted encounters with strange and horrible creatures as well as detailed descriptions of various rites and rituals. Kyle attempted one of the rituals in the journal to see what would happen and managed to summon the demon Sanguine who immediately burned down the house causing the death of four servants and Kyle himself. While dead, Kyle made a deal with a geist known as Shade in the Mirror and was returned to life in time to stop Sanguine from inflicting anymore damage by binding her as his familiar. Since that day, Kyle has worked tirelessly to root out and stop supernatural creatures from hurting unsuspecting mortals. His current project is to find a “cure” for vampirism.

Kyle identified the phrase “the whispering abyss” as the name of the cult his grandmother killed 50 years ago.

Kyle stopped Juliette when she went into a death rage by stabbing her with silver and injecting her with a werewolf shutdown serum.

Kyle went with us to Salem to investigate the events surrounding his grandmother. He provided useful lockpicking and sciencing skills but his participation was otherwise uneventful.

Kyle is working with Anthony to decipher his grandmother’s notes and find a cure for Abyss pits.


Kyle Winthrop

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