Fourteen years ago, a young Kyle Winthrop summoned Sanguine by reading from an old book he found in his attic. Upon arrival she burned down the house and murdered four of the servants who were working at the mansion until Kyle managed to stop her by binding her as his familiar. Since then, she has, mostly, contained her demonic impulses.
A few months ago, Sanguine tricked Juliette, Jasper, and Rory into helping her steal the power of the archangel Lauriel and added his angelic power to her demonic might. The theft of Hope’s light caused every mortal to lose their will and 24 hours passed before humans came back to their senses. This phenomena is referred to as Soulless Monday. Now Sanguine has started a charitable organization called The Light of Hope to help those who were harmed by Soulless Monday.
Sanguine usually appears as a gorgeous young woman in her mid-twenties with flowing golden-hair and a perfect figure. She bears a resemblance to Kyle Winthrop and passes herself off as his cousin.

Sanguine was one of the targets of the coordinated gunman assault, although it’s possible that the attack was intended for Jasper or Kyle as they are also residents of the Fortress of Science. Her attacker is no longer in existence; presumed dead, or worse.

When Jasper and Juliette were approached by angels, Sanguine gave them her whip. The whip acted on its own to banish several lesser angels by cutting off their wings. Sanguine herself showed up and threatened to crush Azrael’s heart if they weren’t let go.

Sanguine has been accused by both the Archangel Gabriel and the Queen of Hell, Lilith, of plotting to take over Heaven following her conquest of Hell. Both of these informants are biased by old grudges, so this information is not at all guaranteed.

We suspect that, following her attack on the Angel of Hope, the power she gave us was actually turning us into her anchors. This means that, to remove her from Earth, we would need to all die or have something else bad happen to us. And Kyle would need to die too.

Sanguine went to Africa but has since returned. She told some information to Jasper which has not been relayed to the rest of us.



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