Sister Grimm


Little is known about the young woman who runs the magic shop “Sister Grimm’s” in the SoDo district except that she is an actual witch with enough skill to artifice powerful artifacts for a fair price. The source of her magic is unknown, but it is clear she is not one of the Awakened.

She provided an anti-mage bracelet to Kaiyoko. But, to make sure it wasn’t misused, she put a catch on the spell that would cause the Prince to implode if she did anything unnecessarily aggressive.

The Mage’s Council ordered us to either kill Sister Grimm, or drive her out of town. We discovered an Abyssal rune carved into her shop, which we accidentally severely damaged. Through public records (which were slightly obscured—bribery?) we found out her real name, Elizabeth Godfrey, and the apartment where she lived. We talked to her, and convinced her to leave town, but have a P.O. box where we can contact her if we need to.

We asked her about the angel feathers; she showed up and told us that they were very potent magical items. She drank some beer with us and got into an argument with Michael

Juliette gave her the angel feathers; Grimm used these as a focus to do mega-super-healing on Juliette. Sister Grimm also gave Juliette an amulet which provided light that wasn’t choked out by Abyssal darkness.

It turns out, she never actually left town. She confronted Anthony about it and cussed him out but he seemed impressed and amused rather than offended or angered.

Sister Grimm helped Juliette track down four missing werewolves, finding a location in the Undercity.


Sister Grimm

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