The Dark Surgeon


The Dark Surgeon has discovered the secrets of life and death and uses this knowledge to stitch still twitching body parts together to create horrible amalgams of flesh and sinew. After his recent death at the hands of Jasper, he made the bargain with the geist known only as the Void to be brought back as a sin-eater.

We know that the blonde, scarred man who sent us the email that put us onto Kyle was working for the Dark Surgeon.

The work that the Dark Surgeon was doing is remarkably similar to the work that Jonathan Hull was doing in Salem several hundred years ago. It is quite possible that Jonathan Hull has found a way to artificially extend his life, and is now mentoring the Dark Surgeon.

The Dark Surgeon sent a freaking flesh-assassin chestburster thing to attempt to kill (or seriously hurt) Rory. Accompanying the person who the chestburster inhabited was a note saying he had “more than perfected” his art of reanimating dead corpses.


The Dark Surgeon

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