Sleepless In Seattle

Jonah breaks the rules of magic...what else is new?

In which Rory very nearly dies...twice. And crescendo on Sanguine's plans

(Note: we missed a week of notetaking.)

  • Gabriel shows up in front of Rory
  • Says that the seals on the Garden of Eden were broken
  • Could only be done by an angel and a demon working together, or by a nephilim
  • Lilith’s ashes stole; could be used to kill her for real
  • Gabriel wants to use our anchors to stop Sanguine
    • Probably pain, possibly death, slightly greater than 50% chance of success
    • Better chances if she uses more than one anchor but only one is necessary
  • Suddenly, werewolf invasion
  • Rory charges in, gets his shit wrecked
  • Jasper starts doing excessive amounts of vulgar magic.
  • Sister Grimm shows up; throws her blood to make fireballs to kill mummybeasts (who evidently showed up)
  • Also throws down some healing power to fix up Rory
  • One of the werewolves takes the Butcher’s head
  • Rory chases, catches wolf. Smashes butcher’s head with his staff.
  • Wolf deathrages
  • Rory runs, but wolf catches up, takes Rory out. Again.
  • Sanguine shows up. Horribly mangles deathraging wolf.
  • Steals the soul from and commands the other wolf; gives him a message for his master, “don’t fuck with me”.
  • Once Juliette comes back, we have a long argument about what to do about Sanguine.
    • Rory wants to work with heaven; Jasper and Juliette don’t
  • Anthony and Kyle get back from UW
  • Anthony fucked up with UW sickness—needs Life, Death, and Spirit to cure
  • Nobody can do all three. We call Fang (Life and Death) who tries to hold it at bay while Grimm runs home to make a potion
  • Suddenly, weird pressure on mages
  • Spirit activity weird as well
  • Trace back to epicenter of disturbance
  • Jonah is at a graveyard, trying to resurrect Red Queen
  • Kyle wants to kill Jonah to stop it
    • Kyle’s grandmother’s knife can now destroy Awakened magic
  • Kyle holds down Rory, Juliette
  • Sanguine shows up, says she can’t let him hurt Jonah
  • Kyle whips out chains of bedrock (made by Jasper a while ago), uses them to bind Sanguine. But he can’t let go or she would get free
  • Jasper only non-restrained character. Decides to let Jonah do his thing, only because he’s afraid of what would happen if stopped the ritual.
  • Jonah finishes the ritual. Dark energy launches out, tries to kill Juliette. But red and white light deflects it, shooting off into distance.
  • Red Queen is alive, reveals she had been charming Jonah
  • Juliette checks; Michael is fine, but her badass grandpa is dead.
  • Rory resolves to help the angels, even if Jasper and Juliette won’t.



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